re, printed matter

16 Jun 2017

re (tryksag)
Begrænset oplag på 100

Lavet i forbindelse med den aktuelle udstilling re i c4 projects, København. Med linoleumstryk samt perspektiverende tekst, af litterat, skribent og kurator Cecilie Høgsbroe Østergaard Re: produktion.

For mere information om udstillingen se her. Teksten kan læses nedenfor.


re (printed matter)
Limited edition of 100

Made in relation to the current exhibiton re at c4 projects, Copenhagen. With vinyl print and a perspectival text by Literary, writer and curator Cecilie Høgsbroe Østergaard Re: produktion (in Danish, translation in the making).

For more information about the exhibition, please see here.

re tryksag
re tryksag
re tryksag

tekst Cecilie Høgsbro Østergaard

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re - solo exhibition at c4 projects, Copenhagen

29 May 2017

c4 projects
Dybbølsgade 60
1721 Kbh V



An exhibition by Marie Thams

Opening: June 8th, 4-7 pm
Exhibition dates: June 9th–24th, 2017
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 1-5 pm, Saturdays 12-4 pm (and by appointment)


It is a great pleasure to be able to invite you to re—a solo exhibition by Marie Thams.

In re Thams presents a new installation combining sound, text, video and sculptural utterances. The exhibition is a reaction to the imbalance Thams experiences in the valuation of reproduction in relation to the economic and professional production of the late capitalist society that we currently preside over. This being a society that is dominated by the working market's norms and has high expectations of the worker's production and returns. In re Thams deals with this experience through her own voice and reproductive body coupled with sculptural utterances, which together make an encompassing installation specifically designed for c4 project's space.

Marie Thams (b. 1982, DK) holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts, Copenhagen, 2011, and a BA (Hons) from Goldsmiths, London, 2009. Thams' work is driven by questions around our working culture's dictation of identity and artistic value, and the relation between biological body and social/political status, for example. Her work often includes a combination of video, sound, text and sculptural and performative elements, resulting in larger installations. Most recently she has had a special focus on spoken, poetic text—both as independent work, as part of larger installations and as publications.

For more information or to make an appointment for viewing the exhibition outside of the opening hours, please contact Marie Thams: marie(at)

The exhibition is realised with support by København Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg

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