New Tape Out!

08 Dec 2020

Episode X & XI
, 2020 

Side A: Eigil Sæbjörnsson: From Magma to Mankind, 26:07 min

Side B: Marie Thams: Within My Voice, sound composition (2018), 8:30 min; and Reverberant Mapping, recording of performance (2019/2020), 12:21 min

Curatered and published by Julia Katharina Thiemann

 in relation to Episode performance series

tape episode1
Photos: Sebastian Moock

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"re" part of the collection of National Gallery of Denmark

09 Aug 2020

re (sound installation, 2017) is now part of the collection of National Gallery of Denmark.

See more about the historical acquisitions here (article in Danish):

ARKEN billede collage
re, Marie Thams, 2017. 3-channel sound installation. Installation view, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, 2019
Photos: David Stjernholm

The piece will be installed in the museum this winter, as part of the new exhibition area Danish Art Now

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Essay, Progression – produktion – acceleration

07 Aug 2020

Essay written in relationship with Hannah Toticki Anbert's exhibitiob at M100, Odense in August 2020.

Read the whole text here:

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