It's an Airy Feeling (This Promise of Promotion)


Sound installation
4-channel sound composition, 7:17 min
Wings: Silk, cotton, foam, 250 cm/height

Installation view, It's an Airy Feeling
Photos: Maciej Urbanek

In Its’ an Airy Feeling the audience is surrounded by over-sized, lightly hanging sculptural wings. The soundscape lets the listener into a both dreamy and urgent soundscape bridging speculative economics with lived bodily experience.

The all voice composition captures and reacts to what the artist experience as a constant promise of promotion found in public and political rhetoric and mood, which manifests as a persistent market oriented self-regulation risking to create an inconsistent state of being. The windy, breezy, blowing soundscape is combined with a script in two parts. One part directs itself to the current logics of speculative economics pushing to enhance the benefits of tomorrow and the other calls for a collective, airborne movement insisting on this very moment of lived presence.

And the wings – relating to the lived, bodily experience and at the same time adding to the dreamy sense in the space. They are upscaled wings of the arctic tern – the bird that migrates the longest, airborne and persevering, bound to it's route of bodily living while representing a human desire of 'taking of'.