Come Walk With Me



Duration: 15 min.
Platform, coated, 70 x 70 cm

Come Walk With Me expresses the search of an indignant voice, wishing to move away from restricting individualism toward a state of being that allow for plurality and union. On the way cold competition is rejected and replaced with manifold competence. The text and performance manifests a whish to create new shared sensuous and intellectual body – in a call for the audience to rise together and create a new meaningful movement.
In the performance Thams combines the pulsating body with critical thought while alternating between speech, stepping, walking speechless – pushing the intonation and bodily language in a rhythmical, present and outgoing monologue.

Come Walk With Me

Excerpt from script:

Keep up! Come, walk with me.

We’ll move on objectless desire. Looking at, caressing, including each other. One plural body.

Manifold movement. Joint flee from info-technology’s homogenized subjectivity. Yours. Mine. Theirs. But by walking. With time to lose, steps to stumble upon, nuances to be experienced, breath to catch. Recomposing.

And now
–––Stop! Stand still.

Now it is time for – Autonomous. Free. Independent. Visible will.

Time for our new joint discovery of this sensuous body. Of nonexchangeable touch. Reawakening the shared social emotional tissue, formed by our many bodies.

Resist. Persist. Hold my hand.

And come
Walk _ with _ me


––– = stop/pause
.******. = walking speechlessly
.... = walking while talking