Alt_Cph - Copenhagen's art fair focusing on artist run space

12 Sep 2015

This weekend - September 12 & 13 the tenth edition of Alt_Cph is happening - a Copenhagen art fair with focus on artist run spaces.
I will be contributing to two projects: as part of the Work Book by Hour Editions and in contemporary address' project bygninger with a letter performance. Read the descriptions of the projects below:

Work Book

Francis Patrick Brady
Kerry Downey
Ditte Ejlerskov
Maj Hasager
Simen J Helsvig
Mount Analogue
Michala Paludan
Christian Camacho Reynoso
Jenny Richards & Jens Strandberg
Marie Thams

Hour Editions is participating in Alt_Cph 2015 the tenth edition of Copenhagen’s art fair focusing on international artist-run platforms for contemporary art.

For the fair we have invited 12 artists to compile a reader based on the themes set out in the Not not work project, namely the complexities of labour, work and production in the contemporary art practice. Existing somewhere between a scrapbook and the conventional anthology of academic writing one might expect, the book will be assembled and bound during the three days of the fair by the visitors. The reader will be available to those who participate in what can be seen as an unwaged internship at Hour Editions for the duration of the production of their copy of the book (approx. 5 minutes).

hand drawn facade on envelope

Hour Projects
Frederiksborgvej 1A, 3tv
2400 Copenhagen NV


contemporary address

bygninger [buildings]
H.C. Ørsteds Vej 69 - Frederiksberg, DK

Lea Løppenthin / Marie Thams
Lars Fynboe / Frederik Hesseldahl
Lotte Løvholm / Maria Bordorff

bygninger [buildings] is a marking of the socio economic dynamics’ impact on cultural life and movement in urban space. the critical reflection builds on the demolishing of a specific building housing artist's workshops and a gallery that will be transformed into a supermarket and a parking lot.
bygninger materializes into a two-sided gesture that centers around a literary piece bygninger created by author Lea Løppenthin on the condition of the specific house. the first sentences from the Løppenthins work has been written on the facade of the building and will remain a "noisy" gesture in the streetscape until the house is torn down. a time lapse video documentation of the demolishing and the deconstruction of the writing will be made available on this site. visual artist Marie Thams has created a conceptual piece consisting of 300 letters addressed to the house with Løppenthin's "bygninger" inside. the piece is performative in that the audience in the exhibition space is invited to take a letter home with them and send it to the address after the house is gone.

hand drawn facade on envelope

contemporary address is an relfective space for artists to dwell on urgent matters in collaboration with curators Maria Bordorff and Lotte Løvholm

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