Heart of Dixie UK

X in Romford, London, UK

September 2009

Group exhibition
X in Romford, London, UK

‘X presents…Heart of Dixie UK’ provided a platform for artists from which they were able to project ideas, rebellions and reflections on the society that they have recently inherited and the art institutions that they are already deeply immersed in.

Situated in the London Borough of Havering the empty commercial property in which ‘X presents…Heart of Dixie UK’ was based provided a temporary space to showcase new talent. In the midst of recession such buildings have become symbolic of a suffering capitalist society and a sign of both the struggles and possibilities the new generation faces.

‘X presents…Heart of Dixie UK’s’ role is not only important in raising relevant discussion among the young, to be heard by all; but also in providing upcoming artists with a stage on which to communicate. Rather than producing a show with aspirations of fame and fortune,’X presents… Heart of Dixie UK’ demanded that young creative’s should finally be listened to in an art market and society that belongs to them, the future.