2-screen film work

23:30 min, HD film, 3-channel / stereo sound

still image, person

still image, person

still image, person
Film stills, aaaarena

aaaarena combines voice composition, lyrical text and performance, and unfolds the body as arena and tool in the accelerated and norm-setting working life dominated by economic growth – where body and mind hardly can keep up, i.a. shapes our ability to hear and experience other than human-made mechanisms.

In the work the voice acts as a heartfelt instrument through multi-channel sound composition and 'live' voice together with a personal and critical text. A cacophony of moving voices forms the soundscape, where Thams' determined and participating voice, presence, and speech pierces through.

Teaser, aaaarena

Voice, text, performance: Marie Thams
Idea and director: Marie Thams
Co-director: Elias Sadaq
Cinematographer: Mads Hoppe
Tonemeister: Ask Kæreby
Lights: Malik Bruun
Colourgrade: Robin Holtz
Sound composition: Marie Thams