A Young Artist in the Age of Knowledge Economy



Black and white painted table 115 cm in diameter, HD video, loops: table projection 34,5 x 58 cm, 4:05 min and pico projection 25 x 44 cm, 3:38 min, letter (Attn: Intention), screen (wood, tracing paper), envelopes with letter to be taken by audience.

Read the letter to Intention here: Attn: Intention

This portrait came about as I was asked about my way of working and specifically invited to reflect on my artistic practice for the exhibition REVISIT, at Overgaden in Copenhagen fall 2014.

The work draws on 3 trails or traits, if you'd like, that I perceive in my practice: hybridity - umbrella (how to gather various activities in one practice? How to create a space of one's own?); intention - letter (is it possible to act intentionally and aimlessly?); and work - invoice envelopes (How to make a living?).