WMV, Orifices


Sound and textile installation
Site specific version of Within My Voice (2018)

Floor: Velour, cotton, sateen, rubber, textile paint, foam. 6 separate pieces, total measurements 360 x 210 cm
Hanging sculptural banners: Silk, sateen, textile paint, pine. Each measure 115 x 370 cm
Sound: duration, 8:30 min, loop

Installation view, Within My Voice

Installation views, Milestone Institute, Budapest, 2019.

In the site-specific installation Within My Voice, Orifices Marie Thams creates a situation for listening and critical reflection, inviting the viewer to move through the installation and to sit or lie on the floor piece.

In the sound composition (Within My Voice, 2018) Thams works with speech combined with over twenty voice training exercises used to optimise the voice, aimed for strengthened professional readiness. The audience is surrounded by a stream of voices shifting between investigative, raw use of voice and whisper, and linguistic reflections. Reflections concerning the inner voice transformation that is driven by outer expectations of the current logics of the labour market, together with a focus on the human ungraspable, subjective quality of the voice.