A Tone or Two


Sound and text publication

Published by Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO in 2023

still image, person
Cover, printed matter, A Tone or Two

A Tone or Two is an investigation of pitch and gendered notions of voice direction, frequency and ability. Through speaking, humming, and breathing, the artist deals with questions around gendered democratic communication, such as: What thoughts can a tone of voice trigger about one's own body and potential? What can a so-called natural tone of voice and the dominant expectations of voice and gender entail on a political as well as on a personal level? What do we hear, when we listen to self and others?

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Curator of publication series and designer of printed matter: Samuel Brzeski
Publications in the series by writers and artists Lisa Busby, Daniela Cascella, Holly Pester, Cia Rinne and Marie Thams.