Seminar: Travel Towards Foreign Intelligence

09 Oct 2010

SEMINAR: Travel Towards Foreign Intelligence
Saturday October 9

In relation to the exhibition HARBOUR/HORIZON in BKS Garage, Copenhagen, we organised an interdisciplinary seminar in order to open up discussion, new points of view and to challenge art’s nature with questions such as: When does aesthetics occur? How does movement happen in water? How do we deal with foreign intelligence and travel in outer space? Furthermore we wished to link different professions and interests with artistic practice and thereby challenge these categories in a dynamic meeting.

TEIS SCHNIPPER: PhD. Student at Centre For Fluid Dynamics, Physics Department DTU, Cph.

THORE BJØRNVIG: Writer and holds a MA in Religion, currently project employee at Kroppedal Museum’s Astronomic Department.

JAN BÄCKLUND: Visual artist and art historian, and Professor in Art ans Culture History at The Royal Danish Academy of the Fie Arts, Copenhagen. JAN BÄCKLUND

The artists were also present and there was open discussion for audience and participants.

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