Harbour / Horizon

BKS-Garage, Copenhagen, DK

October 2010

HARBOUR/HORIZON departs from a common interest for the phenomenons that the arrival and departure from harbour and coast produce. The five artists investigate the many aspects in the sea’s horizon, harbour and coast life and the maritime with questions such as: What kind platform is the coast/harbour? What mechanisms and dynamics are at stake? What does the one looking out at the horizon look for? Can a kind of freedom and hope be described when navigating on open sea?

The exhibition consists of five individual works, ranging from installation, video to photography. In relation to the exhibition we are organising a one-day seminar with a series of interdisciplinary talks and open discussion. Additionally we are producing a catalogue with further investigation of the subject matter.

HARBOUR/HORIZON is an investigation of the phenomenons that arrival and departure produces. We thereby focus on the transitions; the phases between the membrane’s inexorable vibrations in aspiration of being able to sharpen the awareness for those signals, which daily roam the border of our vision, with echoes from a overheard noise.

This noise is often hallmark for an image similarity who’s dynamic can be found in the tension field between reflection and object, between dream and reality.

By taking departure in the harbour and horizon’s two-fold surface we wish to problematize the victory of the simulacra in the in-betweens and to intensify the tension between the take-off of the idea and the image’s arrival.

Exhibition artists: Peter Birkholm, Morten Espersen, Kim Kilde, Kristina Elisabeth Steinbock and Marie Thams.

SEMINAR: Travel Towards Foreign Intelligence
Saturday October 9:
In relation to the exhibition there will be an interdisciplinary seminar in order to open up discussion, new points of view and to challenge art’s nature with questions such as: When does aesthetics occur? How does movement happen in water? How do we deal with foreign intelligence and travel in outer space? Furthermore we wish to link different professions and interests with artistic practice and thereby challenge these categories in a dynamic meeting.

TEIS SCHNIPPER: PhD. Student at Centre For Fluid Dynamics, Physics Department DTU, Cph.
THORE BJØRNVIG: MA Religion, project employee at Kroppedal Museum’s Astronomic Department.
JAN BÄCKLUND: Visual artist and art historian, and Professor in Art ans Culture History at The Royal Danish Academy of the Fie Arts, Copenhagen.
The artists will also be present and there will be open discussion for audience and participants.