new sound work/publication - published with Hour Editions

06 Apr 2016

The last few months I've been working on a new sound work/publication: 8 hours? 0,- desire on invitation from Hour Editions.

8 hours? 0,- desire is now ready to be published - the first showing of the work will happen in Glasgow next week, in relation to Hour Projects' curated programme Fantom Cinema, which is part of Glasgow International. Find the work + Hour Editions at the Old Hairdressers - see the programme here:

8 hours? 0,- desire is a set is a set of 3 audio cards combining text, voice and printed matter. It will be number 6 in Hour Editions' series Not Not Work, which deals with the complexities of labour, work and productivity within the contemporary art practice.

flyer bull mengers

Note: We will make a local launch in Copenhagen later this year.

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