Performance lecture: "O(h)n no mr. B"

09 Dec 2017

O(h)n no mr. B.
- A question of stepping into character with a risk of (sudden) disappearance

At the finissage of the exhibition I would prefer not to, December 9, 3.30pm at meter, Copenhagen, I will be giving a performance lecturer:

In the performance lecture o(h)n no mr. B. Marie Thams again addresses Bartleby, the protagonist of Melville's short story Bartleby the Scrivener (1853).
With o(h)n no mr. B. Thams aims to tackle the possible no, which Bartleby testifies to. With point of departure in their initial meeting in 2010 she looks at the development of her investigations and interest for Bartley's “preferring not to” until today, zooming in on the possibility to act in negation. With renewed focus on her original question to Bartleby: "What did you do before stopping doing so?", the mood is marked by continued insistence on ungraspable production and human “unproductive” will (seen in the light of the late-capitalist logics of the labour market), now joint with a call for action to mr. B.

altered still o(h)n no mr. B.
Altered still from projection, "O(h)n no mr. B.", Marie Thams 2017

Invitation and program from meter:
We invite you to join us for a day with performance lecture, live music, meditations and a bit of christmas spirit in the form of apple fritters and glögg to mark the ending of half a year trying to prefer not to.

1-3pm - meditation over art(work)
with Anu Ramdas & Kristoffer Ørum
Tickets can be purchased at or at the door and cost 20 dkr.

3.30pm - O(h)n no mr. B.
- A question of stepping into character with a risk of (sudden) disappearance
Performance lecture by Marie Thams
Free of charge.

4.15-5pm - apple fritters and glögg

5.15 - Superman pt.0.2 - live sound by Peter Birkholm
Free of charge.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & the City of Copenhagen

For more on the exhibition + address click here.

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