Printed Matter
14 pages
12 x 12 cm

Produced for the exhibition Rundgang 2010, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, in collaboration with Peter Chr. Storck Birkholm, Morten Espersen, Carsten Juhl, Kim Kilde, Siv Katharina and Kristina Elisabeth Steinbock.
Each collaborator was given two pages to react on the use of, or relation to staging in visual art, performance etc. You here see the front (diagram by Carsten Juhl), my contribution Mechanics of a Backstage and the back of the printed matter.

What does the verb and gesture to stage mean? This is how the dictionary (Collins) explains it:
1. To perform a play on a stage.
2. To set the action of a play on a particular time and place.
3. To plan, organize and carry out.
Which somehow maps out the different approaches to the gesture, expressed in the printed matter, rather aptly.