No lo hago por el dinero, Huelga, Voluntario


3 messages in Spanish recorded for the radio programme HAVING A WEIRD TIME COMING HOME at the radio station GENERAL BOOTY of WORK by Hannah Heilmann.
The programme was made for the exhibition Everything Is Connected / Todo está conectado shown at Neter Proyectos in Mexico City, Mexico in October 2014 and organised by GREEN IS GOLD and Neter Proyectos.

The 3 messages were recorded specifically for the radio programme and are reflections on 1) questions of working voluntarily and to have a will; 2) not to work (make art) for money; 3) the (im)possibility to strike (as an artist).

Listen to the podcast of the radio programme here:

It's definitely recommendable to listen to the whole programme, but if you are looking for the messages, here are the times they appear:
- Voluntario [voluntary] at 33:00 (duration 3:14 min).
- No lo hago por el dinero [I'm not doing it for the money] at 1:07:47 (duration 0:54 min).
- Huelga [strike] at 1:15:52 (duration 1:25 min).

Or you can listen to two of the recordings here - with subtitles: