Det handler (ikke) om [It's (not) about]



Wooden staircase, measuring: height 280 cm x width bottom 540 cm x width top 340 cm
Audio, duration: 5:34 min, loop

Staircase with listeners
Installation view Viborg Kunsthal, DK, 2015.

Voice and text: Marie Thams, Sound production: Audio expertise

Installation made specifically for Viborg Kunsthal's East Wing - for the exhibition Handlingens resonans [The resonance of action]. An exhibition made on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of women’s right to vote in Denmark, in which gender and political positioning are the central questions and in which action and today’s feminism are taken into account.

The shape of this wooden staircase—whose lower steps are wider than the upper—is intended to demonstrate a hierarchical gesture in the space; fewer and fewer people fit the higher it goes. Thus mirroring the “invisible” forms of discrimination perpetrated by the architecture surrounding us.

On the top step are two sets of headphones playing the sound piece It’s (not) about my (2015): a text written and spoken by the artist.

Read text about the exhibition here.