bygninger [buildings]


Letter performance (lay out of letter + envelope, and concept of performance)

On invitation by contemporary address

"bygninger [buildings] is a marking of the socio economic dynamics’ impact on cultural life and movement in urban space in Copenhagen. The critical reflection builds on the demolishing of a specific building housing artist's workshops and a gallery that will be transformed into a supermarket and a parking lot.
bygninger materialises into a two-sided gesture that centers around a literary piece bygninger created by author Lea Løppenthin on the condition of the specific house. The first sentences from the Løppenthins work has been written on the facade of the building and will remain a 'noisy' gesture in the streetscape until the house is torn down.
Visual artist Marie Thams has created a conceptual piece consisting of 300 letters addressed to the house with Løppenthin's bygninger inside. The piece is performative in that the audience in the exhibition space is invited to take a letter home with them and send it to the address after the house is gone." (contemporary address)

Poem: Lea Løppenthin
Painting on facade: Lars Fynboe & Frederik Hesseldahl
Curators: Lotte Løvholm & Maria Bordorff